Certified Feng Shui training

Become a successful Feng Shui consultant!

Very often professional success and the happiness a person feels correlate. Especially in Asia many people rely on the positive effects of Feng Shui since many thousands of years already. If applied professionally Feng Shui can support you and your life at all levels.

You have the chance to improve more than just your own Feng Shui.

A training to become a professional Feng Shui consultant can help you to improve your income and earn per consultation 1,000 € full- or part time. You will be amazed to see how the life of your clients changes and even you yourself can gain positive charisma.

In this unique training of authentic classical Feng Shui you will learn all the topics that have helped many top Feng Shui consultants to become internationally successful.

Good Feng Shui consultants are very sought after for private homes and office interiors.

After your training you can start immediately to give consultations. I will personally assist you. Like this it will be easier for you to work out a client handout. I want you to become a qualified Feng Shui consultant.

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Professional and internationally recognized!

∗ Highly qualified Feng Shui training
 50 video lessons that build on one another
 Spend 2 online practice days together with me 
   Enjoy a live coaching in the Facebook group every 30 days
 Learn to give a successful Feng Shui consultation
 Final exam and hand over of the certificate
   Certification by the “International Feng Shui Association Singapore”
 Well-founded and practice-oriented lessons
 Step by step mediation of learning contents
 Continued professional support after the training
 Marketing strategy developed especially for Feng Shui consultants
 Possibility to register for the international association after the training
 Learn from the  recognized Feng Shui Master
 Have good income opportunities as a certified Feng Shui consultant

Your personal Feng Shui master will teach you!

I will personally be with you throughout your Feng Shui training.

Step by step you will learn wherever you like, at your own pace. Furthermore, you will get an effective marketing strategy that will pave your way to success. Of course, for free.

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100% Risk-Free

Paypal & direct debit

What exactly are the tasks of a Feng Shui consultant?

∗ Designing the children’s room, living room, sleeping room and all other rooms
∗ Analyzing and optimizing office rooms according to the principles of Feng Shui
∗ Evaluating which room is favourable for which person?
∗ Helping when people move into a new house
∗ Finding a perfect building site for the client
∗ Designing a house and finding the best Feng Shui solution for each resident
∗ Finding favourable spots in the garden and positioning the pond at the correct place 
∗ Giving advices concerning the wall colour
∗ You can create your rooms into a wellness oasis
∗ Helping to make a shop attract much more clients
∗ Offering an extraordinary service

In order to start a Feng Shui Training you should: Like to design rooms  Be interested in topics like designing, planning, furnishing and constructing  Like to be constructive, independent and open for new things. 

The training concept for future Feng Shui consultants has been tested since many years already. Highest standards of individuality and high-grade quality of consultation. Client-oriented!

Training topics and detailed information for future Feng Shui consultants  →

You will receive:

√  A full Feng Shui training
√  Certified by the “International Feng Shui Association”
√  Practice-oriented
√  Step-by-step-instructions for a consultation
√  My own marketing strategy that already has helped many students to make their careers as successful consultants 
√  every 30 days a life coaching
√  Plus a surprise bonus!

Take this chance for a sensational price of only

1.848 € 

Take advantage of the current offer: € 1848 instead of € 2380

(incl. 19% VAT) (offer until August 30th, 2023 inclusive) 

Paying by instalments possible.

Delivery free of shipping costs because of instant online access. 

Return guarantee 60 days.

Register NOW and have your access data sent to you immediately. Take the chance and gain professional knowledge and the competence of a consultant.

100% Risk-Free

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What exactly will I receive? 

With your purchase you will get the access code to the online-training. And of course, a certified and accepted Feng Shui training. The training consists of video modules, learning contents, workbook (download) and exercises, 2 online practice days and my marketing strategy. After having finished all modules the online practice days will be spend together with the Feng Shui Master. The sought-after Feng Shui training certificate will then be sent to you per post. 

You don’t need to keep unscheduled days for  classroom-based learning sessions, except those 2 online practice days of course.

How long will it take until I get the access code?

The online-access code will be delivered to you digitally and automated. Like this I can handle your order even if it is 3 o’clock at night. Only 3 minutes after you purchased the training you will receive a mail with your personal access code and you can start right away. 

What if I don´t like the training?

You have the possibility to test for 60 days and return the online training without any comments. It is important for me that my clients are 100% satisfied. If this is not the case, I don’t want their money. Return guarantee 60 days.

How come that I can give such a guarantee? 

First, I am absolutely convinced that my video training will help you a lot in everyday life as well as in your professional reorientation. Second, only happy clients will recommend me.

I have already read books on this topic!

Books cannot give you all the experiences you get from my training. You don’t take any risks – try the offer.

This is what course participants say about our seminars & trainings:


For me the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence is the only institution where I can find everything I want for my studies in classical Feng Shui: Qualified lecturers, international experts, practice-oriented teaching material, course offers all over Europe, exchange of information, current tips and information, both for students and clients, classical knowledge combined with experience and a modern approach and last but not least the passion and this immense energy, which motivates every student to make an unexpected effort and leads him into this deep and extensive knowledge. Unique in Europe and for everyone who is serious about it, there is no better way to learn this knowledge. Thank you very much, dear Petra, for teaching us the classical Feng Shui in such a depth and diversity as well as practical experience and making it all accessible to us.

Barbara Lemke


With the decision to complete  a training to become a certified Feng Shui consultant, not only my life has changed, but also that of my family. 

Since then, we have experienced so many positive things and because of the changes I have made in our house each member of my family experiences more life energy and positive events.  

Originally, I only attended the Feng Shui training because I wanted to change our bedroom and get some new impulses. This has turned into much more. A profession that fascinates and inspires me.

Feng Shui grabs you and doesn't let you go. 

Thank you very much, dear Petra, for teaching us so many new things.

Sabine Schrägle


 Outstanding and above all extremely competent in the transfer of knowledge!

Gerd Mertens


The training was a real enrichment for me and my professional career. I am convinced. Thank you so much for your wonderful and open way to share the world of Feng Shui. You teach it in a way that is easy to follow and makes fun. I would be happy if we met again.

Mary Pernreiter


When I decided to get more seriously involved with Feng Shui I came across Petra Coll Exposito. How lucky I was! You realize at once her deep and broad knowledge. But nevertheless, she manages to deliver the knowledge in an easy to learn way. She explains even the most complicated situations by using many practical examples. Petra’s way to teach always attracts your attention and makes it easy to follow the learning matter. It is really fun to learn and study and I hope to get even more knowledge from her in future.

Kirstin Weber


Since 2006 I have attended courses and trainings with Ms. Petra Coll Exposito and graduated with a Master's degree in 2014. It was a very lucky chance for me! She is the most competent teacher, always patient and friendly and one of the BEST in her field. She always taught me the precision and depth of Feng Shui in an exciting and clearly understandable way using practical tasks and her many case studies. The whole thing with a fresh pinch of humour and at a friendly eye level. I thank you dear Petra!!!

Nima Soraya


I have known Petra Coll Exposito for 15 years as a Feng Shui consultant. She combines enthusiasm for her work with mastery and down-to-earthness. A consultation in 2007 is especially memorable to me: It led, at least indirectly, to STORYdynamics®. And finally to my book 'Selfmarketing for shy people'. Thank you!

Susanne Hake


My life would look so different today if I had not found this wonderful school and Master Petra Coll Exposito. Classical Feng Shui is taught here with joy, enthusiasm and a great fund of knowledge. It is an honour for me to be able to actively participate in this work.

Stine Holland

100% Risk-Free

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