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Profit from the growing trend of Feng Shui and conscious living. We want to draw attention to the power of Feng Shui and show a lucrative professional field. Recommend us and be part of it.

Affiliates receive 240 € commission.

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√ Effective Feng Shui training learning programme.

√ Practical implementation is taught step by step in the training.

√ Participants get two online practice days and every 30 days a personal live coaching in my Facebook group. During the practice days, one's own premises are explained, which is like a Feng Shui consultation for oneself.

√ No risk for the client because of the 60-day trial period.

√ Free assistance with the Feng Shui consultations is also available after the course. Our team of experts is also available for the participants after the training in our Feng Shui Facebook group.

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»Certified Feng Shui Online Training«

Over 50 video lessons, as well as two practice days and every 30 days a live coaching session in the Facebook group bring this highly qualified Feng Shui training to the highest level!

Target group: Participants of this programme can expect a complete Feng Shui training. Recognised and certified by the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore.

There is a trial period of 60 days for the buyer. Affiliates receive 240  commission per sale of the training.

Video lessons enable participants to implement unique Feng Shui knowledge.

Feng Shui knowledge & tips to apply immediately in your own rooms! In addition to the certified Feng Shui training, there is also a free Feng Shui consultation. Each student´s floorplan will be anlaysed step by step, room by room.

This makes it easy for the future consultant to offer his clients a high standard of quality.

Promote this certified Feng Shui training and receive 240 € commission on a professional training of the extra class.

Feng Shui is on everyone's lips and is now part of the modern lifestyle.

This Feng Shui online  training is technically simple and can be an experience for every participant. Be part of it and earn 240 € commission for every recommendation.

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Feng Shui for an independent professional life - be active!

Promote the certified Feng Shui training via your own "online presence" (website, blog, social media...) and earn money with every order generated! The process is briefly explained below.

 ① Visitors to your website, advertising platform or email clicks on the promo link.

② The visitor's IP is logged and a tracking cookie is stored in the corresponding browser.

③ Browses and decides to buy.

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