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The most important prerequisite and the basis for good Feng Shui is the school of forms. Everything around us shapes us and that in every form. We ourselves also correspond to a form of Qi. Since the space around you is connected to you, this resonance has an effect on you. In the subconscious as well as in the physical form. Get to know the whole spectrum. Consciously change your window of vision and your environment. Invite good things to feel the positive energies yourself. Your client and you can feel better! This is the aim of the first part of the training.


- Heaven, Earth, Man
- Classical systems of Feng Shui
- Our environment shapes us. What is Feng Shui?
- Life force Qi. How do we harness Qi?
- Favourable Qi (Sheng Qi)
- Unfavourable Qi (Sha Qi)
- 4-corner gold. Land and house forms
- The 4 celestial animals
- Main criteria of Feng Shui study
- Example analysis from the school of forms

Implementing Feng Shui in a room effectively and immediately is the goal of the system of 8 houses. Every person has his or her auspicious cardinal direction. It is important to use these consciously in order to activate the full potential of success. In this part of the training you will experience 24 possible directional energies in detail. Practical examples help you to memorise what you have just learned.


- Feng Shui of the 8 Houses
- Good and bad sectors
- Outer boundary. Determining the centre
- Feng Shui analysis based on the examples
- The most important factors in Feng Shui
- Compass measurement. 24 directions
- The extended Ba Zhai - 8 houses
- Feng Shui measurements
- Yin and Yang. The 5 elements
- Directions and colours
- The 5 elements in change
- Practical tasks

Time plays an essential role in Feng Shui. This valuable system of classical Feng Shui will inspire you. It shows you how you can stimulate the quality of the room in a targeted and selective way. The greatest advantage of the "Flying Stars" is to change your focus. Activate precisely the aspect of your life that seems important to you with a targeted Feng Shui measure. Surprise your customers right from the start and rely on the time structures of Feng Shui.


- San Yuan Feng Shui. Three cycles
- "Facing" and "Sitting" of the house
- Determination of the period
- Path of the stars in the Lo Shu
- Pathway of the stars
- 24 Mountains on the Luo Pan
- Yin and Yang of the 24 Mountains in San Yuan
- Flying of the "Facing" and the "Sitting" Star
- Space and time quality
- Theory of the Flying Stars
- Properties of the 9 Stars
- Important factors
- Year star, month stars
- Special flying star formations
- The great sun formula
- The Principle of the Universe
- Traditional and modern interpretation
- Ways to define the period
- Step by step to complete analysis
- Project 

Two days of practical lessons. Choose your days. There are several online dates per year. This practical experience is the best prerequisite for becoming a successful and convincing consultant. You will deepen your theoretical knowledge in several projects. During the training and afterwards, you can exchange ideas at our regular student meetings and network internationally in our internet forum. At the end, you will receive our coveted training certificate and can thus establish yourself as a professional Feng Shui consultant.


- Examination of a building according to Feng Shui
- Presentation of these results to the client
- Taking measurements with the geomancer's compass and learning to use it in a correct way.
- You are welcome to submit floor plans and case studies in advance so that we can discuss them together.
- Answering your questions


Attract clients right from the start. With my Feng Shui marketing strategy,  has already helped many participants to have a successful start as a professional consultant. Learn to offer your services in a targeted way. The internet and the digital world make it possible. You will receive instructions from me and can get started right after the course. Perhaps you too will become a successful Feng Shui consultant.

Your Teacher 

Petra Coll Exposito will go through the formula of classical Feng Shui with you. Step by step you will learn in your own environment and at your own pace. In addition, you will receive her personal marketing strategy as a bonus, which can also help you to achieve the same success. View profile "

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